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General Requirements

To meet admissions requirements, an applicant must provide documentation supporting one of the following:
  • An official High School Transcript or diploma that indicates student is a graduate.
  • A recognized equivalent of a high school diploma such as a GED (General Education Diploma) diploma.
  • California HiSET Exam: the California HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) has been approved as an acceptable alternative to the GED Exam for the state of California. The passing results must be received directly from the testing center to be considered official.
  • Documentation of a homeschooling program at the secondary level as allowed under the state’s rules in which the homeschooling program occurred.
  • Documentation of a state authorized examination that the state recognizes as the equivalent of a high school diploma, such as the California High School Proficiency Exam.
  • An official credential evaluation with High School transcript that certifies that the student completed the equivalent of a high school diploma from a non-U.S. educational institute.
  • Applicants who are unable to provide documentation of having completed a high school diploma or high school equivalency certification due to a natural disaster destroying the records or the institution having been closed may submit the following for consideration in addition to completing an attestation of High School Diploma or high school equivalency certification completion:
    • Confirmation from the state recognizing that the institution lost its records to a natural disaster. If the state cannot confirm, confirmation can be obtained from a recognized authority as approved by the VP of Compliance.
    • Confirmation from the state recognizing that the institution has closed and that the records are not attainable.
  • Applicants to a bachelor’s degree completion program must also submit an official college transcript documenting completion of an Associate’s degree from an accredited institution whose accreditation is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (bachelor’s degree completion program only).
  • All applicants must have the ability to read and write English at the level of a graduate of an American high school as demonstrated by the possession of a high school diploma, GED or passage of the California high school proficiency exam.

All required documentation that is not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. If your native language is other than English, verification of language proficiency is required.

The School reserves the right to request any additional information necessary to evaluate an applicant’s potential for academic success. The School may reject any applicant whose records indicate that they are not reasonably capable of successfully completing and benefiting from the program, inadequate preparation and/or interest for its programs.