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All military benefits recipients applying for admissions must meet the general requirements.

Required Documentation
All recipients of VA education benefit monies must disclose all post-secondary education earned on the application for admission so that previous credits can be applied toward degree completion requirements.
As required by the VA or DOD, the following documentation is also required for enrollment:
  • Valid 1905 (Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment recipients only)
  • Official copies of all military transcripts
  • Official copies for all post-secondary institution transcripts where academic credit was attempted
  • Certificate of Eligibility/Award of Benefits from the VA, Printed VONAPP Confirmation, or a Notice of Benefit Eligibility
  • DD-214, member 4 (not required for dependents)
In some cases, military educational benefits will not cover the full cost of tuition. All military students with a gap in tuition will need to secure their enrollment in congruence with school policies prior to starting class. Veteran students applying for military benefits are encouraged to speak with an Admissions Representative prior to enrolling for any benefit.

The Los Angeles Film School administers the following education benefits:

Military Tuition Assistance
Eligibility and amount of active duty or reserve tuition assistance is determined by the branch of service. Students must independently apply for tuition assistance through their command or on base. Tuition assistance is paid directly to the institution.

Chapter 30, The Montgomery G.I. Bill
Serving veterans who entered active duty beginning July 1, 1985 and who participated in the 12-month pay reduction program while on active duty. Also includes Chapter 32 active duty persons with eligibility as of October 1, 1996 who elected to participate in the Montgomery G.I. Bill. Eligibility is decided by the VA. Benefits are paid directly to the student.

Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
For veterans with a service-connected disability, or who are rated 10-percent or more disabled according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligibility is decided by a VA caseworker. Tuition is paid directly to the school; other benefits may be paid to the student.

Chapter 32, Veterans Educational Assistance Program
For veterans who entered active duty between January 1, 1977 and June 30, 1985 and who contributed to the program while on active duty.

Chapter 33, The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill
Veterans who have accumulated at least 90 days of aggregate service on or since September 11, 2001 with an honorable discharge, or those who received a service-connected disability after 30 days of service, may be eligible for Chapter 33, as determined by the VA. Tuition and fees are paid directly to the school, with BAH and book stipends paid directly to the student. All payments are proportionate to Chapter 33 eligibility rating, with BAH payments based on the DOD calculator (use school zip code for an E-5 with dependents). This benefit is frequently revised. Please refer to the VA for comprehensive changes to this benefit.

Chapter 33/TEB, The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill Transfer
This option is for Chapter 33-eligible service members to transfer unused benefits wholly or incrementally to spouses and/or children.

The Yellow Ribbon Program, a Component of Chapter 33, the Post-9/11 GI Bill
Our institution is a proud participant in this joint tuition grant-matching program with VA for students who are entitled to the 100-percent eligibility rate. Yellow Ribbon amounts are applied solely and directly to tuition.

Chapter 35, Survivors and Dependents Assistance Program
For spouses or children of veterans who died on active duty, whose death was caused by a service-related disability, or who are rated by the VA as 100-percent permanently disabled. Benefits are paid directly to the student.

Chapter 1606, The Montgomery G.I. Bill-Selected Reserve
Benefits are paid directly to eligible individuals who have committed to the required length of enlistment in the Selected Reserve.

Chapter 1607, Reserve Educational Assistance Program
Chapter 1607 is potentially payable for individuals in the reserves who were recalled for active duty for at least 90 days beginning September 11, 2001 or later. Eligibility is determined by either DOD or DHS.

Benefit Recipient Responsibilities
Students receiving Veteran Administration funding for any portion of their program are responsible for directly notifying the campus certifying official or military benefits officer of any change in status in their program, to include:
1.    Transferring credits to a program from another institution
2.    Testing out of a class
3.    Receiving a failing grade for an entire class
4.    Modifying the original program sequence as outlined in the catalog
5.    Changing programs
6.    Switching from an accelerated program track to an extended track, or vice versa
7.    Exiting the program
Failure to communicate program changes may cause over-payment or underpayment of tuition and/or fees, which may result in debt collection practices from the VA’s Debt Management agency or BAH withholding.

VA Refund Policy
Please refer to the current catalog for the most updated VA Refund Policy.

Military Leave Policy
The School may grant more than one leave of absence in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise, such as military service requirements, provided that any combined leaves of absence do not exceed 180 days within the 12-month period. However, students who are issued military orders should communicate their obligation and activation dates as soon as possible to both the Student Services and Military Services departments. The period of the leave of absence may not begin until the student has acknowledged the following:
1. A traditional leave of absence period may not exceed 180 days within any 12-month period, and the school must have approved a written and signed request for a leave of absence.
2. A military service-related leave of absence request that extends beyond 180 days must be accompanied with orders and the reinstatement to active student status.
3. All school equipment loaned out to the student taking leave will need to be returned to the Equipment Room (ER) before the leave of absence is granted.
4. Re-entry into the program of study requires that students check back into school through the Student Services Departments to coordinate scheduling and be directed to the appropriate departments to include the military services department to reinstate program funding.

Upon submitting travel vouchers within the 180-day time frame and within one month of the date on the approved travel voucher, military students will not be required to pay retake fees for classes dropped due to the call to service using grants, VA monies, or cash. Further, military students will not be charged tuition for classes not yet taken. Official orders are required for consideration for an extended leave of absence beyond 180 days. Failure to return to school within the 180-day time frame as a result of extended military service leave will require approved military travel orders with no more than one month between the military approval date and the reinstatement date. Every consideration to use existing credits will be exercised; however, extended absences may result in retakes or new classes that are part of a revised curriculum and will subject students to review by the Program Director.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at